Thursday, January 10, 2008

Amberoid - Dilip Chhabria Ambassador Luxury Car at Atuo Expo 2008

Guess which was the only car that wrested the limelight on the day Tata's Rs 1-lakh car was pulling all the crowd, flashbulbs and TV cameras?

A Ferrari? A Porshe? A Rolls Royce? No. It was an Amby!

But let not the car mislead you. This Amby costs a neat Rs 4 crore ($ 1 million).

Car design guru Dilip Chhabria has moved beyond tweaking Aston Martins. The DC Designs chief Thursday unveiled his super luxury concept car “Ambierod” here at the Auto Expo 2008. Inspired by the “Ambassador” car, the Rs.40-million ($1 million) Amberioid was unveiled by Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt.

Actor Sanjay Dutt and ace car designer Dilip Chhabria pose near Ambierod.

“The Ambassador reminds us of everything that was good and bad about India in those days. Amberoid is an attempt to evolve a legend. I want Amberoid to connect with India’s future,” Chhabria said.

Ambierod, in fact, is the most expensive designed car ever to be showcased at the Auto Expo.

Chhabria’s ode to Ambassador is equipped with a sleekly designed instrument panel backed by a satellite navigation system, rear vision camera, three LCD televisions, Internet and videoconferencing-enabled flat bed and multi-coloured mood lighting.

Apart from the Ambierod, the DC Designs also rolled out a sports car under its own brand.

Christened ‘S’, the sleek and mean machine carries a price tag of Rs.2.5 million ($63,635). The engines, transmission, suspension and the brake system have been sourced from global manufacturers. This desi Ferrari offers 100 kmph in 3.7 seconds flat.

“This car has taken 50,000 man hours to design and we plan to invest Rs.500-600 million to set up an assembly facility at Pune for making 300 units of ‘S’ in a year.”

The DC Designs already has an order for the Ambierod and expects to sell around 10 of them each year.

India’s makeover master will also soon launch the country’s first automotive design school.

So the next time you see a spanking new concept car on a turntable being drooled over at a motor show, do remember to check the label. It could be a DC.

New cars are flooding the market and new technology is the name of the game there. However, while the whole country was looking at something more economic, on the other side there was Sanjay Dutt who unveiled the mammoth Amberoid, a super luxury car designed by the famous Dilip Chabbria. With the looks of an Ambassador car which identifies itself so much with India, the interiors are said to be like that of a plush Jet liner and the technology is the state of art. The icing on the cake was the glamour added to it by Sanju Baba. Well, it will not be long before we hear someone from the Tinsel town racing away with it.

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